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Kaushambi becomes a hub of pollution in NCR region

Kaushambi becomes a hub of pollution in the NCR region

Located exactly at the Delhi-Ghaziabad border, Kaushambi( a resident colony) is facing tremendous shots of pollution and worsened air quality coming out of both Delhi-based Anand Vihar ISBT and Sahibabad-based huge cluster of factories. It has gotten the tag of the most polluted place/cluster in the world; It’s consequently around a lakh population of this locality just find themselves in a perennial sort of suffocating gas chamber. However many authorities including the Apex Court and High Court, Allahabad have taken cognizance of this situation. Seeing around a thousand non-CNG buses coming from UP and other border states crossing daily adjacent to this area through the Anand Vihar ISBT route. The Supreme Court clearly ordered to stop such public transport vehicles from the first of November, 2023, but concerned authorities are just visibly reckless on this.

Hon’ble Supreme Court tears apart CAQM during hearing on pollution in Delhi NCR, tells CAQM lawyer that CAQM  is going through the motions of work rather than actually working, says it does not even have accurate data on pollution caused by various sources and is not able to address Key Concerns of the citizens. SC further said “Stop beating around the bush and give us accurate data” on the next date of the hearing. Not once did SC talk about pollution caused by DG sets.
 Now it is clear that the entire drama for DG set modification was enacted to fill the pockets of a few manufacturers of DG set modification kits / and commission agents of CAQM and crores changed hands to issue an advisory by CAQM.
KARWA (Kuaushambi Residents Welfare Association) ex-President, Mr. V K MITTAL had approached different courts including  SC , NGT and Allahabad HC. These courts had passed orders directing DM / GDA / GNN / UP Police to implement its orders to reduce pollution in Kaushambi.

The suggestion given by KARWA in order to make Kaushambi clean

1. Construct a bypass at Dabur T point to ensure that there is no traffic jam at that point.
2..Construct underground / overhead parking on Dr. Burman Road at Yashoda Hospital and Kaushambi Metro stn
3. Remove encroachment in and around Kaushambi at regular intervals
4. Widen Dr. Burman Road
5. Ensure that only CNG buses operate from Kaushambi / Anand Vihar ISBT
6. Ensure that no burning of plastic/rubber waste in and around Kaushambi
7. Ensure that the industry around Kaushambi uses only CNG fuel
8. Gazipur – Suryanagar road be made jam-free without any pedestrian crossing.
9. Implement full traffic and environment management plan for Kaushambi
10. Plant 11000 trees in and around Kaushambi
Recently sewer channels were cleared from polythene bags and other garbage items but were not disposed of, the picture given below shows this. It has been lying over the roads for many days. Ironically the connecting sewer going through the various apartments was laid down a few years back but was kept uncovered, hence people and pedestrians easily put their garbage in the uncovered sewer channels. Therefore the authorities have to clear them from time to time which makes the roads filthy.

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